EcoVadis Awards 2023


Agromet Asia awarded Bronze sustainability rating by EcoVadis - 11th August 2023

Agromet Asia has been honored with the prestigious EcoVadis Bronze Medal for the second consecutive year in 2023 for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Agromet Asia had previously secured the Bronze award in 2022, showcasing a consistent commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability. ble Procurement – Agromet has received scores as below.

By receiving the Bronze award in both 2022 and 2023, Agromet is demonstrating a continued dedication to improving its CSR initiatives and maintaining a positive impact on society and the environment while sustaining responsible business practices, contributing to a more sustainable and ethical business model.

The EcoVadis rating system is integral to supplier assessment processes worldwide, offering a universal platform for sustainability collaboration among tens of thousands of companies. Covering environmental impact, labor standards, ethics, and sustainable procurement, EcoVadis ratings are a benchmark for non-financial management systems.

Agromet’s placement within the top 50 percent of rated companies underscores its commitment to sustainability, while AAPL’s recognition as a preferred supplier based on EcoVadis assessments highlights its exemplary performance in meeting sustainability criteria.

In each of the areas assessed – Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement – Agromet has received scores as below.

score card

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