Products Quality Assurance

AAPL considers QUALITY as the most important ingredient in manufacturing. To achieve the highest quality, we use advanced machinery which is operated by proficient staff to ensure our quality control meets the international standards. AAPL is committed to investing in new technology and equipments to provide high-quality products for industrial applications.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICP-OES)
ICPOES is a multielement determination technique used to determine elements/metals concentration/amount in a sample with the highest accuracy and precision. High-resolution ARRAY optical emission spectrometer with an inductively coupled plasma. More than 72 elements from the entire periodic table can be analyzed together within 3-5 min. Detection from sub-ppb to percentage range in one run. Sensitivity 0.006 nm resolution @ 200 nm.

Application: Analytical Testing of Zinc Oxide, Zinc Ash, Brass Ash

Surface Area Analyzer
Technique used to detect surface area based on dynamic BET principle. It determines the surface area at a single point and it can be enhanced for measuring multi-point surface area and total pore volume analysis with different gas mixture percentages. Wide range of Surface area measurement (0.1-1500 Normal) Extendable up to 2500 m2/g. High-speed analysis (within 10-15 min). Nitrogen gas is used for adsorption.

Application: Determining Nitrogen surface area of Zinc Oxide.

Rapid and highly precise and accurate analysis of an extremely wide range of elements at very low levels in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The optical system spans a wide range of wavelengths with complete spectral coverage in the range – ensuring that 35+ elements can be analyzed in standard factory calibrations across metals and alloys.

Application: Analysis of Zn base, Cu base, and Al base alloys

Hardness Tester
Computerized highly precise Brinell hardness tester designed for measurements on non-ferrous materials like bronze, brass, aluminum, etc. used in lab testing. Its stability & unique design of a floating fulcrum lever system ensures high accuracy & dependability. Accuracy of the machine confirms to IS: 2281-2005 & BS:240.

Application: Determining the Hardness of Cu-Al and Cu-Zn alloys.

Conductivity meter
The instrument operates on the basis of the eddy current method. It determines the electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals. It is used for in-process inspection like monitoring of the casting process of copper. Selectable operating modes & able to store results inside the machine.

Application: Measuring the conductivity of Pure Cu Products/Parts.

Density meter
The XS precision balance line offers flexible solutions for high productivity with maximum accuracy. Used for the application of weighing, statistics, piece-counting, formulation, density measurements, Lab X application.

Application: Measuring Density of pure Cu.