We at Agromet Asia is always looking at zero emissions and zero wastes as one of the criteria for assessing sustainability.

The volume of by products produced per ton of recycled metal are continually reducing through our sustainability initiatives. Our recycling process byproducts are feeding to our next process as raw materials thus we ensure no waste will remain as a waste to dispose.

To achieve our sustainability standards we are continually monitoring our KPIs such as energy consumption, yields and byproducts quantities etc.

The environment, economics, and society are all of equal importance in sustainable development. On the basis of this triple bottom line model of sustainability, metal recycling has a much lower environmental impact than primary metal production. Thus we Agromet Asia Pvt Ltd continue to be the largest supporter in sustainable aspects of Brass and Zinc Oxide requirements of the region.

“We are proud to be one of the largest recycling and manufacturing companies in the country”.