The highest possible electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity can be achieved in gravity die casting using the appropriate copper quality. The purity of the copper in combination with the manufacturing process essentially influences the conductivity values. Electric currents are thus transmitted with extremely low resistance thus, for decades the electric industry has used the good properties of the highly conductive, pure copper material CuL50, also silver-plated, in a wide spectrum of applications.

Field of Use:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy supply
  • Converter construction
  • Transformer construction
  • Railway technology / overhead line construction / catenary systems
  • Welding electrodes
  • E-mobility

Application examples:

  • Contact carriers
  • Short-circuit rings
  • Ground contacts
  • Contact jaws
  • Separation contacts
  • Input contacts
  • Rotary contacts
  • Contact fingers
  • Primary conductors
  • High-voltage switching parts
  • Electrode arms
  • Counter contacts

Technical Datasheets:

Note: – We offer our customers individual Copper-Aluminum alloys, developed specifically according to requirements. Through the targeted variation of the alloying elements, the desired mechanical properties can be achieved for almost all possible applications.