The pillars of our success

Our Leadership


Ritesh Singhal

Managing Director

A qualified Chemical Engineer, with in-depth knowledge in the Metal & Chemical Industry, handles product development, and purchases for all the group companies across the globe. He has an entrepreneurial mindset with outstanding organizational and leadership skills

“Recycling is his passion.”


Divya Singhal

Executive Director

Being wife of Mr. Ritesh Singhal and a shareholder in the company, she is completely involved in the development of the company. As the HR manager of the group she supports the day to day smooth functioning of the group. She also assists Mr. Ritesh with the supplier dealing and purchasing from foreign suppliers.


V. Chandrakanth

Chief Executive Officer

He has over 20 years of experience in Agromet Asia (Pvt) Ltd in the fields of marketing, public relations and finance. Develops business strategies and ensures that they align with the company’s goals. He provides leadership and motivation to develop and manage a high-performance management team. He oversees all operations and business activities to ensure produces the desired results.


Janani Fernando

Chief Finance Officer

Being a graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Specialized in Accounting) from the University of Colombo and a finalist of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, Janani Fernando possess over 10 years of experience in auditing, accounting and finance. She currently manages the financial activities, analyzes and forecasts the financial data and provides the board with a recommendation for strategic planning.


Ruchira Sandun

Production and Internal Service Manager

He has over 10 years of experience at Agromet Asia. He oversees the production process, coordinating all production activities and operations. He plans production schedules, estimates costs and prepares budgets to ensure workflow meets required deadlines. His speciality is his leadership skills, the ability to motivate others to meet deadlines and the ability to act decisively and solve problems.


SanjayaKumar Yadav

Senior Manager – Engineering & Projects

Sanjay as a Mechanical Engineer is handling the Projects for Agromet. He is a passionate and forward-thinking individual who has a positive ‘To Do’ solution-focused mentality and always makes things happen. Being young and enthusiastic he is an expert in planning, organizing, scheduling and coordinating the work of team members in order to maximize the outcomes. As a true professional, he is committed to driving continuous improvement through proactive thinking.


Shubham M. Vadam

Quality Assurance Manager

An experienced, committed and passionate Mechanical Engineer who has good knowledge of QA standards and best practices. He knows how to write up QA plans, processes, inspections and test procedures. On a personal level, he is an ambitious individual who has the ability to challenge and an innovative approach to quality improvement. What sets him apart is his passion for the project at hand while being able to work in a passionate and hardworking team environment.


Suraj Suresh Rawool

Production Manager – Casting Division

Being a Mechanical Engineering degree holder, he is the Production Manager of Casting and Fettling Divisions who makes sure the production runs like a well-oiled machine. He involves in managing the company’s resources to improve productivity and minimize downtime, while at the same time increasing profits and reducing costs. He ensures achieving goals, smooth workflow and procedures, creating production schedules and encouraging staff to put their best foot forward at all times so that the entire operation functions at peak efficiency.